The Doctor slapped David Cussen on the butt in Rochester, New York on 09/29/61.

After high school, the son of an Irish immigrant blue collared it by painting, punch pressing and forklift driving.David Joined the World’s greatest Navy in 1983 working in the material division in the Supply dept. aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation CV-64.

He earned the nickname “The Make it Happen Man” for his reliability to deliver the materials when needed by other divisions onboard.
He finished his tour as a Master at Arms (ships law enforcement). David guarded prisoners, mustered restricted to the ship crew members and
told his shipmates to “get a haircut” !

In 1987, David put his sea pay savings down at the Local Ford dealer in San Diego, bought a Mustang and headed north to LA to conquer the world in stand up comedy( too bad he played Waterloo). He honed his craft for acting on the stages at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. David made the rounds in the greater LA area with an improv troupe bringing to the comedy table his share of grins, giggles and laughs.

In the 90’s David went back to college, getting his degree in creative writing at The University of Southern California in 2001.  While chasing his dream and accumulating an education, he paid his bills bartending, bouncing and betting (Sports handicapping).

He continued his education receiving his Masters degree in Communication Mgmt in 2007 at Annenberg School for Communications(USC).

David currently markets himself as a motivational speaker. He bills himself as Professor Goodlife.  He speaks to college students as well as those in the work place on how to live a good life.

Life is like a DIAMOND! Ya just gotta know how to cut it!


Proclamations from the Professor:

1) Drinking and driving: Keep a good time a good time. You do the drinkin’ I’ll do the driving.

2) Safe sex: (For the ladies) If he don’t bag it, he ain’t gonna tag it!

3) Gambling: Bet the beer money, not the milk money.

4) Personal goals: A good starter knows how to charter.

5) Kindness: Kindness can be contagious, catch the disease.

6) Opinions: Have one!

7) Questioning: Question always!…Almost always.

8) Tradition: Start one! Become part of one.

9) Utopia: How good can it be without fault, failure and imperfection?

10) Veracity: The amount in your speech, measures the depth of your character.

David speaks positively with his east coast, authoritative, rim shot delivery voice. Between his upbringing, his association with the two greatest traditions on the planet(USN, USC) and his personal experience, he has one of those voices that his friends can and do flatteringly, jokingly, and easily impersonate.

To sum up David and his voice, he can be called a poor man’s Humphery Bogart.